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I want a footbike!

While my boyfriend laughed at me when I stated that I wanted a footbike (, I then justified how much I would use it this summer for a new fun workout on the lake! (He responded, like the quad rollerskates you bought last year that are still in the box? :/ ) Ok, I get his point but while I’m tired of this dreary, cold weather in Chicago the point is…I can’t wait till SUMMER!

Chicago changes completely when it starts to warm up and at this point it seems everyone is anxiously waiting to get outdoors and be active!  So what are your plans?  I’ve decided that I don’t even want to train my clients indoor when the weather starts to get amazing (although I will of course!) so that is why I have decided to have my own Boot Camps!  So, three times a week in the AM of butt-kicking, fun hour-long workouts to start your day!

Not only is it fun to be outdoors but there are so many benefits to working out outdoors! 

The air is cleaner!  While this may be debated in Chicago, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is more than twice as polluted as outdoor air.

Vitamin D! We get most of our Vitamin D from sunlight as our bodies naturally synthesize the vitamin with sunlight exposure is adequate.  The vitamin is then converted to calcitriol in the liver and promotes healthy growth and rebuilding of bone.

If you’re interested in more information on my upcoming Boot Camps starting in April in Chicago and Glenview, email me or follow me on facebook for more information!


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