Pre-Workout foods in the Morning & Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis

Last week was the start of the EJ Fit Camp and for most, working out at 6am is going to be an adjustment.  One thing to think about as your throwing on your shoes and headed out the door for an early workout…did I fuel my body properly to help me have the best workout?

After a full nights sleep, our bodies have used up most of it’s carbohydrates and energy stores.  At night, our bodies use this time to rebuild what we have broken down the day before and the body starts to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH), a hormone that promotes the growth, maintenance, and repair of our bones and muscles.  We’re busy at night!  So as we wake our bodies need nourishment and hydration before we get going.  

This may take a little bit of practice and seeing what portions and specific foods help you maintain strong throughout the entire workout.  Choose a complex-carbohydrate; they are slowly digested providing a steady source of energy during your workout.  Try to pair your carb with a protein source to help you feel satiated and also provide fuel.  One Imageof my favorite pre-workout foods in the morning is a slice of whole wheat toast or Ezekiel bread with nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew) and sliced bananas or strawberries.  This is a light meal that seems to provide me ample energy yet does not leave me feeling nauseous during an early workout. 

Leading me to an entirely different topic but was also brought up after a class; one of my participants developed an itchy rash on his arm during the workout and wanted to know what this is.  I’ve seen this a lot so I wasn’t too worried as our bodies respond differently to exercise.  This is known as ‘Exercise-induced Anaphylaxis’ which is an acute allergic reaction that is developed during exercise.  Typically, with the stop of exercise, the rash and itchiness will subside in about 5-10 minutes.  But in some people, Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis can be very serious causing shortness of breath and a drop in blood pressure and should see a doctor.  

So how does this relate to your pre-workout meal??  If you get exercise-induces anaphylaxis occasionally and not with every workout, this could be related to what you ate prior to your meal such as wheat.  If you fall in this category, try to identify those “trigger” foods and eliminate them from your pre-workout menu.  But if you do find yourself getting an allergic reaction every time you exercise, refer to a physician as an antihistamine may be needed.  

Have a great week and eat strong!



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